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 4-Week Restore Your Gut Program

Jealous of people who walk around with a flat stomach no matter what they eat? 

Ready to stop worrying about where the bathroom is everytime you're out? 

Wish you could wake up and not feel any stomach pain for the day? 

I get it, and I've been there. I knew there had to be some way to feel better, so I studied, and studied, and studied to find a way to heal my gut so that I could experience life and love for food again. 

I want the same for you - which is why I created my latest program: 4-Week Restore Your Gut.

So many people need help with their digestion, and I wanted to create something low cost, yet high value so that everyone could have access to the benefits of a happy and healthy digestion system. 

Led by a certified functional nutrition practicioner and health coach (me!), this is a DIY 4 week gut-healing course just for you, with all the tips you'll need to implement at your own pace. Four weeks of gut healing recipes, a 125 + page eBook, and three BONUS guides are jam-packed into this program and ready for you to begin using immediately!

Based on the methods I use as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, say bye-bye to belly bloating and helllllllo to digestion you can be proud of!



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Not sure if your gut needs restoration?  

Read on for some tell tale signs that your belly might be beggin' for some TLC!

Gut Health Getting in the Way of Your Life? If you have...

  •  Everyday fatigue
  •  Bloating, cramping, or gas
  •  Irregular bowel movements (potty talk is encouraged in this program)
  •  Recurring acne or rashes
  •  A fear of being anywhere without a bathroom
  •  Developed a negative relationship with food because of digestive upset
  •  Restless nights, often waking up between 2-3am

You've got some gut issues goin' on! And trust me, I know how frustrating living with these symptoms can be! I put up with them five years too many, but I was able to overcome them all and now know how to manage my digestive health every day! 

A certified holistic health coach and functional digagnostic nutrition practicioner specializing in digestive health, I know the in's and out's of gut healing and have done it myself. 

Now it's my turn to help you.

Perhaps you've tried all sorts of supplements, fibers, etc. Let's get you on track with the intelligence of Mother Nature herself. 

Afterall, whole foods and a lil' bit of knowledge are meant to make you feel amazing! 

I'm excited to give you the specific guidelines to apply in order to achieve your health goals. 

Inside the 4-Week Restore Your Gut Program

Gut Health Basics

An easy introduction to gut health concepts so that you can learn more about your digestion and use this guide to your benefit.

  • What gut dysfunction is all about
  • Why eating foods like gluten and dairy make us sick...and tired
  • How gut issues can be made worse
  • Why now is the time to work on gut health

The Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health

Your reference guide for navigating through the grocery store and daily life.

  • The worst inflammatory foods to remove from your diet (immediately)
  • Gut loving superfoods to restore your gut
  • Superfoods for incredible gut healing

4-Week Meal Plan

A day-by-day meal plan featuring gut healing foods and batch prepping tips for easy meal prep and faster compliance.

  • Over 30 daily recipes laid out in a full meal plan for you
  • 3 daily meals plus snacks and drinks for every day
  • Weekly printer-friendly shopping list
  • A mixture of plant-based and animal-based proteins
  • Various veggies and proteins, never the same ole' salad!
  • Always gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free and sugar-free

3 BONUS Guides!

Get instant access to three of my favorite guides for FREE when you enroll:

  • The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics (And When to Use Them)
  • How to Detox Your Kitchen Top to Bottom
  • How to Eat Healthy on a Budget: Real-Life Money Optimization Tips


Learn everything I learned about optimizing your health and do it in a fraction of the time.  

“I’m already on day 20 and am feeling great! I've seen a huge improvement in my digestion. My bowel movements are a lot better and I don't crave as much chocolate or sweets now.” - Erica Watson  

Erica W., past group member

“I love that the program specifically targets gut health and I can already tell the difference in my body. I felt super energetic every day without having coffee #MIRACLE. I love that I can slowly make daily changes and see results like this

Anna C., stay-at-home-mom & past group member

“After working with Kristin in her program, I now feel very in control of my eating decisions and how its making me feel and its gettting a lot less hard. People have been remarking on my control, but honestly, it feels easier than it ever has!"

Julia L., past group member

“I love the recipes and meal planning which has helped tremendously. This program gave me a lot of different tools that I can continue to use to help with inflammation but also to treat my stomach the way it should've been treated years ago."

Alyssa S., Esthetician, Reiki Practitioner & past group member